Devin Townsend will host three online concerts for charity

Posted by on April 9, 2020


The prolific Devin Townsend has announced that he is currently planning three online concerts that will take place tentatively next Saturday (4/18) via StageIt, with all proceeds and tips going directly to charity. The frontman originally said that it would happen this Saturday but quickly corrected himself. The first one will be for Vancouver General Hospital, then the National Health Service and finally for New York Hospitals.

So I’m planning three online concerts. The first one is this coming Saturday, then the following two Saturdays. BY REQUEST, ALL PROCEEDS AND TIPS GO TO CHARITY. you will be able to purchase a download of the audio as well. It will be through
. More info in a few hours.

Correction: it will start next Saturday

Thanks Alan. First one is for Vancouver General Hospital, next one for the NHS then New York Hospitals the following week. Links in a few hours.

Stay tuned for further updates but in the meantime, check out Devin’s new podcast here.

Want more Devin!? Check out his current 11 Part Quarantine Project below!


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