Photo credit: Katja Kuhl


2021 ended with an incredible amount of new albums. Now, with just a few weeks into 2022, here are ## album updates recently announced. 

01) Carpenter Brut announce new album Leather Terror:



French synthwave artist Carpenter Brut has announced his return with the new album, Leather Terror, out April 1st via Universal. The record mark’s the second installment of Carpenter Brut’s Leather album trilogy, following 2018’s Leather Teeth. To celebrate the awaited return, Carpenter Brut has shared a Dehn Sora-directed video the new song “Imaginary Fire,” featuring The Dillinger Escape Plan, Killer Be Killed, The Black Queen’s one and only, Greg Puciato. 

Puciato comments: 

“I’m really proud of this one, happy to cross these musical paths. I love how the video turned out too. Lyrically the song is pretty to the point. Two people frustratingly trying to get rid of their fears and their made-up bullshit so they can move forward, together or separate, free of outcome.”


Carpenter Brut comments on the album:

“After spending much of 2018 touring, I had decided to take a long break to compose the new album of the trilogy. The pandemic confirmed that my choice to stay home was the right one. I ended up taking over a year and a half to compose this album. I made a lot of decisions with the time I had that I wouldn’t have had time to make if the pandemic hadn’t happened. I wanted to make the whole thing as massive as possible. There is no guitar on this album. I did everything with synths. Even though I didn’t know exactly how I wanted the album to sound at first, I knew I wanted it to be massive and violent.”


Watch the clip below and pre-order the album here:



Track List:

01) Opening Title

02) Straight Outta Hell

03) The Widow Maker

04) Imaginary Fire

05) … Good Night, Goodbye

06) Day Stalker

07) Night Prowler

08) Lipstick Masquerade

09) Color Me Blood

10) Stabat Mater

11) Paradisi Gloria

12) Leather Terror


02) Arch Enemy reveal details for new album Deceivers:


Photo credit: Katja Kuhl

Following the announcement of their North American tour with Behemoth and Unto Others, Arch Enemy have revealed details for their new album, Deceivers, which is scheduled to arrive on July 29th via Century Media records. The group will debut their new single “Handshake With Hell” next Friday, February 4th, along with pre-orders. 


Guitarist Michael Amott comments:

“Having just celebrated our 25th anniversary as a group and now releasing our 11th studio album, one could easily assume that we would be cruising along and going through the motions at this point. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to Arch Enemy and our new album, ‘Deceivers’. It is without a doubt always a challenge to raise the bar each time in both the songwriting and production side of things, and it can feel a bit daunting before we get into it. But once we do get started and fully immerse ourselves in the creative process, it’s really like there is nothing else in the world and we are very focused. And believe it or not, for the most part, we have a ton of fun making this music! Creating ‘Deceivers’ was no different, once again we shut out the outside world and went deep into the artistic zone. I believe we pulled out some really interesting musical and lyrical themes this time, a few things might even raise an eyebrow or two – while retaining all the signature elements of the band. In the end, it’s Arch Enemy at full speed and power!”


Track List:

01) Handshake With Hell

02) Deceiver, Deceiver

03) In The Eye Of The Storm

04) The Watcher

05) Poisoned Arrow

06) Sunset Over The Empire

07) House Of Mirrors

08) Spreading Black Wings

09) Mourning Star

10) One Last Time

11) Exiled From Earth