18 awesome album updates – 1/27/22

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05) GWAR to release The New Dark Ages in June:

GWAR are ready to release their new album, The New Dark Ages, scheduled to arrive on June 3rd on CD/Digital and on September 16th via Cassette/Vinyl via GWAR’s own label Pit Records (pre-order here). The upcoming concept record is based on the companion graphic novel, GWAR in the Duoverse of Absurdity, which is also scheduled to arrive on June 3rd via Z2 Comics.  

The press release explains:

“In the graphic novel the band are sucked off into an alternate universe to do battle with their evil twins and the specter of rogue technology. On “The New Dark Ages” our heroes floorboard it through a kaleidoscope of hard driving heavy metal, and rock-n-fucking roll, building on their hilarious mythos, introducing cool new characters, and cataloging mankind’s hapless abandonment of their passions, rituals, and beliefs.”

On the upcoming book:

““GWAR in the Duoverse of Absurdity” chronicles the epic battle between GWAR and their doppelgangers from an alternate universe the band discovers behind their treasured Magic Mirror. The book uses an innovative storytelling technique that combines words and pictures printed on paper (made from real trees!) in a seamless format we are calling a “graphic novel.” The tale is illustrated by the masterful talents of Andy MacDonald (Wolverine, Dr Strange, Wonder Woman), Shane White (Things Undone, Braun, Endless Summer), Matt Maguire (GWAR) and Bob Gorman (GWAR). Z2 Comics (Judas Priest, Dio, Anthrax) have teamed up with GWAR to produce what will surely be known as the ultimate illustrated saga of the beloved Scumdogs of the Duoverse.”

The Berserker Blóthar comments:

“This is the greatest rock record of all time. These are the songs for a new age, a New Dark Age, when men live by the dimming light of a technology destined to betray them. Listen, as we have a rock and roll orgy in the ruins of the world to celebrate humanity’s descent into an age of darkness, disease, ignorance, and death.” 


Bälsäc The Jaws ‘o Death adds on the Graphic Novel:

“This was the most utterly engrossing book I’ve ever read! I couldn’t wait until I’d read what was on the page before I was compelled to turn it! This novel has the one element that is missing in so many so-called literary masterpieces: It’s about me!”


RANTZ HOSELEY, editor Z2 states:

“GWAR has made sure that this story is a full throttle hysterical ride into tipping every sacred cow possible and I consider it an honor to help bring this chapter of the band’s legacy to fetid, pulsing, life.”


06) Stabbing Westward reveal new album details; unveils new single “Ghost”


Photo Credit: Erica Vincent

Stabbing Westward have announced their first new full-length effort in 21 years, Chasing Ghosts, is set to arrive on March 18th via COP International Records. To celebrate the long-awaited announcement the group has unveiled the first single, “Ghost.” The group has teamed up with legendary producer John Fryer to produce the album, while Tom Baker mastered the record.    


Listen to the new song below:



Track List:

01) I Am Nothing

02) Damaged Goods

03) Cold

04) Push

05) Wasteland

06) Ctrl Z

07) Crawl

08) Dead & Gone

09) Ghost

10) The End



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