Last month, the internet was set on fire by an old guy that people much younger rallied around. No, we’re not talking about Bernie Sanders, we’re talking about 82 year-old John Hetlinger, the former Navy pilot that appeared on America’s Got Talent to do a rendition of Drowning Pool’s “Bodies” that won over everyone that heard it. The rage that came out of the innocuous-looking octogenarian was funny, and while his timing was a little off, it was still great. We reached out to the band’s CJ Pierce after hearing that he wanted to invite the guy out to this weekend’s Chicago Open Air to confirm that he was serious. He was, telling us that they were “more than down” to party with him. And now it turns out that that’s actually happening.

Tomorrow (15) at 2pm, Hetlinger will join Drowning Pool at Chicago Open Air in Bridgeview IL to sing “Bodies” with them. He reportedly accepted the invitation via Twitter. So not only is the old fella down with Drowning Pool, he also keeps up on social media as well. He commented on being the oldest guy appearing onstage at the fest by stating:

“I am really amped-up to see y’all when Drowning Pool and I join you in Chicago this Friday afternoon for the Chicago Open Air festival. We are going to have a blast together – let the bodies hit the floor!”

That sounds more like something a publicist or a record label would say than an 82 year-old, but what the hell do we know. We do know that we’re looking forward to seeing the guy’s first festival appearance, so as soon as YouTube does it’s thing, we’ll share it with you. And it goes to show that no matter how old you are, if you’re metal, you’re metal.