You can’t judge metalheads by their appearance but if you’re reading this, you probably already knew that. Many people see a big, tattooed, long-haired guy with a studded jacket, satanic shirt and combat boots and think that person is the personification of the devil himself. But there’s also another group of metal heads who are hidden from the common eye by looking like “normal” people, or a octogenarian man with a colorful pelican on his shirt.

During the auditions of the newest season of America’s Got Talent, which premieres tonight on NBC, an 82 year-old man named John Hetlinger decided to try his chops for the contest show and signed up for a chance to win the $1M prize by singing Drowning Pool’s “Bodies.” The former Navy pilot expressed that participating at the show “would be the high point of [his] life and many careers.”

What’s amazing about this story isn’t just Hetlinger’s energy to scream the song as loud as he can, but rather the reaction of the fans and the judges when he does it. If he doesn’t convince Simon Cowell and the rest of the judges, we’d recommend doing a split with our favorite senior metalhead, The Grindmother.

Check out the video of his audition and practice at his Karaoke below: