Just yesterday, 82 year old John Hetlinger surprised everyone on the season premiere of America’s Got Talent (and the internet) when he busted out a karaoke version of Drowning Pool’s “Bodies.” The band quickly got word of this, and it turns out they want to give the man a chance to perform some full band karaoke band with them. TMZ reported that  guitarist C.J Pierce wanted to get him to Chicago-Open-Air, and they would cover his “travel and beer expenses … and whatever else it takes.” We wanted to hear more, so we reached out to Pierce himself.

Pierce says that even if Hetlinger can’t make Chicago Open Air next month to perform with Drowning Pool, they’ll have him out whenever. “We’re more than down to party with John,” he says. I already have a lot of people asking me if I want them to find him. I said ‘go pick him up in a black van like Blue in Old School! Pick him up and bring him to the show!”

This isn’t the first time “Bodies” has achieved internet fame. Pierce remembers the song being interpreted by a parrot. But he found out about the song being interpreted by Hetlinger the same way we all did, by seeing it yesterday. “It’s fun and entertaining watching it,” he tells us. “I can’t believe he just comes out and screams. It’s awesome.”

From Sir Christopher Lee working on heavy metal music until his death at age 93, and the 67 year old Grindmother screaming her way into our hearts, heavy metal knows no age boundaries. Metal has even become a family activity, and something passed down from parents to children, and nowadays even grandchildren. So is this surprising? Hell no. Do I need to remind you that Ozzy himself is 67 years old? Rob Halford is 64, Bruce Dickinson 54, that toddler moshing at Maryland Deathfest couldn’t have been any older than four, and those kids at the Nightwish show that even made me jealous.