Metal Insider’s Top 5 is a column where we count down the top five of…well basically anything.

Last week, Dave Mustaine revealed that David Draiman’s Device will be playing Gigantour 2013. Shortly after, the group Death Division (featuring ex- Hellyeah/Nothingface bassist Jerry Montano and Morbid Angel/ex-Divine Heresy drummer Tim Yeung, and who just so happen to be managed by Dave’s son Justis) was confirmed for the touring festival. And then earlier today, Black Label Society’s current drummer Chad Szeliga (formerly of Breaking Benjamin) let it slip that they would be opening for Megadeth this summer (making them the latest rumored band). While only two groups aside from Megadeth have been officially confirmed for the fifth Gigantour, all three do fit the category Mustaine revealed about the bands playing his festival, saying:

“Each one of the other bands on there, they’re new bands comprised of a person who was a major celebrity from a really large band that went on to do something new.”

With that in mind, we determined the top five bands with famous members that could potentially play this year’s Gigantour. Click on the page numbers below to see who we picked.