We’re counting down to the 2024 edition of 70000 tons of Metal! This is by far one of our personal favorite metal cruises where every artist is a headliner. Metalheads from around the globe share an insane experience of four days with very little to no sleep of nonstop metal shows. From big pool deck experiences to the intimate Star Lounge, there’s something for all metalheads regardless of subgenre, and we love it all. 2023 marked a significant return for the cruise after all cruises generally faced a halt due to the pandemic. The event’s future was uncertain, but it returned, giving sixty unique artists a go. This year we saw a number of acts having their first experience on the boat to artists having some notable silver-to-gold member status returns. We managed to capture all sixty bands, and as we countdown to the 2024 edition, we will share artist spotlights from the 2023 expedition leading up to the 2024 voyage. Artist Number 10: Cynic.

70000 Tons of Metal Round 11 made history with Cynic on the boat. Following the release of 2021’s Ascension Codes, the 2022 edition of the group marked their first return to the stage in eight years and to the metal seas since 2014, earning them silver status. Not only did 2023 mark the group’s return to the stage, but it also celebrated the thirtieth anniversary of their debut album, Focus. The band highlighted this record during the voyage and paid a heartfelt homage to late members Sean Reinert and Sean Malone. These performances also marked the band’s first live shows since the members’ passing.

We were fortunate to attend both of their sets. Knowing the impact and poignant resurface, Cynic performed on the first night, January 30, 2023, at the prime time of 8:30 PM at Studio B’s Ice Rink Theater, and their second performance was held at the Royal Theater at 7:00 PM on February 2, 2023. The first set appeared to be more pact, intimate, yet intense, witnessing the incredible return while hearing the passionate, vibrant progressive metal tunes. Banners of the late members stood behind them, giving a loving presence and honoring their memory simultaneously. While the first night did bring out some technical difficulties, it didn’t impact the audience too much, as many stood in awe, excited for their return.

Cynic Set 1:

Their second performance gave a similar vibe but more laid back, with mastermind and sole surviving member Paul Masvidal sitting by the drums, giving more of a jamming vibe. It felt like home on everyone’s way back to Miami, Florida. Musically, the emotive beats swept the audience, but this time the crowd was smaller than the first night. Regardless of whether it was used as a paid vacation and warm-up for what was to come for the rest of 2023, the group put on two memorable sets, inevitably setting the stage for the rest of the year.

Cynic went on to tour with Atheist, and we caught up with them at their Los Angeles show, concluding the run in September at 2023’s ProgPower. What’s next for Cynic? Well, it’s not entirely clear. However, after celebrating the 30th anniversary of Focus, this Friday (17th), Cynic will release the reissue of Uroboric Forms, a compilation showcasing pivotal demos leading up to their groundbreaking debut. Order your copy here. Based on the band’s Facebook page, it looks like more news could soon be unveiled. We will soon find out whether it’s another anniversary trek or something new altogether.


Cynic Set 2:



70000 tons of Metal will return on January 29th, setting sail from Miami, FL to Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, and back on February 2nd with another batch promising sixty bands to perform twice throughout the waves of adventure. The announcements have been moving fast this year as tickets have already gone on sale, and, well no updates since our last post but, in case you missed it, 37 bands out of 60 have been revealed thus far:


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