We’re counting down to the 2024 edition of 70000 tons of Metal! This is by far one of our personal favorite metal cruises where every artist is a headliner. Metalheads from around the globe share an insane experience of four days with very little to no sleep of nonstop metal shows. From big pool deck experiences to the intimate Star Lounge, there’s something for all metalheads regardless of subgenre, and we love it all. 2023 marked a significant return for the cruise after all cruises generally faced a halt due to the pandemic. The event’s future was uncertain, but it returned, giving sixty unique artists a go. This year we saw a number of acts having their first experience on the boat to artists having some notable silver-to-gold member status returns. We managed to capture all sixty bands, and as we countdown to the 2024 edition, we will share artist spotlights from the 2023 expedition leading up to the 2024 voyage. Artist Number 2: Amberian Dawn.


Amberian Dawn, not to be confused with Abysmal Dawn, embarked on their second voyage through the metal seas, gracing the ship of The Freedom of the Seas for the first time. Hailing from Finland, these symphonic/power/melodic/Abba metallers returned to captivate their fellow cruisers once again. While their initial appearance in 2018 featured indoor sets, this time, they took the spotlight on the Pool Deck, marking their first-ever outdoor performance on the ship. Celebrating their latest covers album, Take A Chance – A Metal Tribute to ABBA (order here), where they paid homage to the classic pop icons. With perfect timing, they delivered their tribute on the final day of the cruise, after 1 pm, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all who attended. Their first set held another momentous significance as they opened the Royal Theater on the inaugural day of the 2023 voyage. Having progressed from the 3 am slot of their prior appearance, they treated their fans to beloved Amberian Dawn hits. Those fortunate enough to witness both performances were granted a double dose of charm and musical prowess, and we were honored to be among them.


What lies on the horizon for Amberian Dawn? An exciting European tour, as they will join forces with symphonic metal giants Sirenia. The Symphonic Metal Nights tour, featuring Sirenia, Amberian Dawn, Dark Sarah, and Rexoria, is set to kick off on September 1st. If you’re seeking a blend of charm, heaviness, and a band that thrives on the stage, missing out on an Amberian Dawn performance would be a regrettable choice. Explore the tour dates listed in the flier below to secure your spot for an unmissable trek.  



70000 tons of Metal will return on January 29th, setting sail from Miami, FL to Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, and back on February 2nd with another batch promising sixty bands to perform twice throughout the waves of adventure. The announcements have been moving fast this year as tickets have already gone on sale, and, well no updates since our last post but, in case you missed it, 32 bands out of 60 have been revealed thus far:




Blind Guardian

Blood Red Throne



Depressive Age




Fleshgod Apocalypse

Grave Digger

Infected Rain



Legion of the Damned

Lord of the Lost

My Dying Bride

Mystic Prophecy

Nanowar of Steel



Omnium Gatherum




The Halo Effect


Tygers of Pan Tang