Charting the course to 2024: reflecting on 70000tons of Metal 2023 Artist Spotlight: Belphegor

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We’re counting down to the 2024 edition of 70000 tons of Metal! This is by far one of our personal favorite metal cruises where every artist is a headliner. Metalheads from around the globe share an insane experience of four days with very little to no sleep of nonstop metal shows. From big pool deck experiences to the intimate Star Lounge, there’s something for all metalheads regardless of subgenre, and we love it all. 2023 marked a significant return for the cruise after all cruises generally faced a halt due to the pandemic. The event’s future was uncertain, but it returned, giving sixty unique artists a go. This year we saw a number of acts having their first experience on the boat to artists having some notable silver-to-gold member status returns. We managed to capture all sixty bands, and as we countdown to the 2024 edition, we will share artist spotlights from the 2023 expedition leading up to the 2024 voyage. Artist Number 6: Belphegor.

Austrian death black metal titans Belphegor made their third appearance on 70000tons in 2023, following their first voyage in 2016 and second in 2018. This time, they brought their latest diabolical offering, The Devils, released in 2022 via Nuclear Blast. 

Belphegor is an act that plays well on your home speakers. Still, their live execution captivates—proving again that experiencing them on stage is mesmerizing, from the ferocious makeup to the relentless riffs and Helmuth’s demonic presence. Metal Insider ensured they witnessed both of Belphegor’s sets, where we selfishly would enjoy seeing them as an annual return to 70000tons.

On night two, January 31st, Belphegor first appeared at the Royal Theater, delivering a well-choreographed performance with impeccable musical execution. Songs like “Baphomet,” “Conjuring The Dead,” and the classic “Lucifer Incestus” created an atmosphere of pure evil madness. The indoor setting provided an intimate venue vibe, showcasing Belphegor’s mastery of any stage.

Belphegor set 1

Belphegor again raised hell on the pool deck the following day, February 1st, at 6:45 PM. Despite encountering some sound issues towards the end, the band powered through the set with ease, creating a moment of infernal rituals fueled by unholy excellence under the stars. If you haven’t seen Belphegor live yet, it’s strongly recommended to catch them at least three times.


Belphegor set 2

The Austrian diabolical blackened death metal act recently announced a European tour with Arkona, Atrocity, and Confess, and hope a strong lineup like this will hopefully hit the United States at some point. The message is clear: see Belphegor live and immerse yourself in their hellish tunes.



70000 tons of Metal will return on January 29th, setting sail from Miami, FL to Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, and back on February 2nd with another batch promising sixty bands to perform twice throughout the waves of adventure. The announcements have been moving fast this year as tickets have already gone on sale, and, well no updates since our last post but, in case you missed it, 37 bands out of 60 have been revealed thus far:


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