attila 306Attila’s frontman and classy act, Chris “Fronz” Fronzak is known for his endless shenanigans from avoiding the long arm of the law to getting into a Twitter fight with his tour mates but he’s more than just a controversial frontman who gets beaten up on stage, he’s also a visionary businessman.

Attila knows how to make money and, inevitably, is one of the most successful bands in their scene and we can safely assume that’s because of the Fronz. If the man can expand his business horizons to a social media app or his own fragrance and make money out of it, I’m sure he can do the same by just being him and charging fans $50 to interact with him.

That’s right, Fronzilla now is offering the opportunity to become a superfan club member for just $50 a month which gives you access to their blogs and videos from the band and the best part of all: Fronz’s contact information so you can call/text him whenever you want. He explains the following:

“Hey, this is Fronz! First of all I would like to thank you for supporting Attila, it truly means a lot to me. The reason I am sending you this email is because I want to personally invite you to join my brand new website before I make it available to the public. I feel like you deserve the first opportunity to join before anyone else. What is my website? My subscription site is a place where you can learn and interact with me on a DAILY basis. I’ve been through a lot in my life and I know for a fact that I can use my experiences and knowledge to benefit you. Whether you strive to be an entrepreneur and work for yourself, you want to start a band or clothing line, or you want some daily inspiration to put a smile on your face, my website is PERFECT for you!

“If you join today I will give you my personal phone number so you can text me at any time! No, this isn’t a joke! You’ll be able to text or call me any time you’d like (just give me time to respond lol). I’ve always wanted to figure out a way to communicate with you guys on a personal level, and I finally found the solution!

Now you can become the official fan/bff of the singer/entrepreneur for just $50/month and no need to feel he would forget about who you are if you happen to subscribe because he has a plan to keep you as close to him as possible:

“It doesn’t matter if my phone number leaks because ONLY people who are saved in my contacts can reach me. The only way to be in my contacts is to subscribe. It is impossible to text/call me unless you are subscribed.”

If you’re thinking that’s just a wrong move to bleed out some cash from the loyal Attila army fans, be aware that those $50 are nothing compared to what you’d get and no one else has ever offered:

“$50 is a very reasonable price considering what you’re getting. You aren’t just getting access to blogs and videos, you’re also getting a direct line of contact to reach me on my personal cell phone. Everyone has individual needs, so besides offering general advice, I am also offering you PERSONALIZED advice and guidance suited to your needs!”

Where do I sign?! You can get the Fronz personal counseling about that life here but be aware, boys and girls, that while you may sign up and talk to Fronz on a daily basis, it will be a tough task to become the best buddy of the creator of “Suck my Fuck” so, suck it.


[via Metal Injection]