If there’s one thing Attila has gotten used to over the course of their career, it’s a lot of hatred on the internet. In fact, they thrive on it, and it’s a large part of why they’re so popular. So it’s interesting to see that frontman Chris “Fronz” Fronzak has launched a photo-sharing app that’s being billed as “hate free.” Spur launched earlier this week, and according to a pres release we got, it crashed servers when it went live, garnering 5,000 users within 12 hours.

On initial look, it seems a lot like Instagram, but it’s not owned by Facebook. And the “hate-free” part comes in that, unlike Instagram or Facebook, for that matter, users can’t comment on photos, just upvote and downvote them. In addition, everyone can see users’ photos, not just followers. Here’s what Fronz says about the app:

“Spur is a fun and simple photo sharing app that easily allows you to view the most popular photos worldwide,” Fronz explained. “Everyone on Spur has an equal opportunity to post popular content. I am hoping my app will encourage people to be adventurous and go on a quest to capture truly beautiful photos.”

So far, there’s lots of selfies on Spur. While many will likely view the app as unnecessary, those are probably the same people that didn’t think Twitter would ever take off and don’t know what Snapchat, Kik or Yik Yak are. The company is seeking investors for additional funding, and with Fronz in on the ground floor, they’ve definitely got the attention of Attila’s demographic, even if those not normally engaged in social media might take a wait-and-see approach.