At a recent show in Perth, Australia, Attila’s vocalist Chris Fronzak says he was assaulted while on stage. From the video below it sure looks like something happened, and that’s when Fronzak retaliated. The only problem was Fronz went after the wrong person.

Said Fronzak, in a series of Tweets:

“Hey guys this is Fronz. Some asshole assaulted me on stage in Perth tonight and I let my anger get the best of me….. Shit popped off. But anyways, when I went to retaliate I hit the wrong dude on accident. If you’re the dude with the bleeding head, I want to apologize…. I didn’t mean to hit you with my mic, I meant to hit the cuntbag that was assaulting me. Anyways, you can have all the free merch you want! So if you’re the dude with the bleeding head and you’re reading this, go to our Merch table and take anything you want. I apologize…. To the fuckboi that tried to fuck with me on stage….. SUCK MY FUCK”

The show was cut short, and apparently Fronzak met up with the fan he mistakingly injured in his retaliation and things were worked out.

Attila’s next US show will be Skate and Surf Festival in New Jersey, on Saturday, May 16th, which means the petition to get the band removed from the two day festival didn’t work out.


(Via Lambgoat)