Attila_tour_bus_2Right now, the Monster Energy Outbreak Tour is happening, headlined by Attila. And as such, the band have a brand new bus  that’s wrapped with their logo and likeness promoting their sixth album, Guilty Pleasure. which is out next Tuesday (24). Frontman Chris “Fronz” Fronzak tweeted out a picture of the bus last week just before the tour started, and Lambgoat was observant enough to notice something right at the door to the tour bus. They asked Fronz to take a few more pics, and he obliged, confirming what they noticed – the band’s trademark “suck my fuck” is written on the bus.

There are going to be a lot of offended moms, a lot of giggling kids, and possibly an irate cop or two thanks to the declaration. It’s written a lot smaller than everything else, but it’s still legible. Obviously, the band don’t care, or they wouldn’t have done it. They enjoy pushing buttons. That being said, there’s a distinct difference between offending metal fans and internet jockeys (aka active haters) and people that just so happen to see the bus on a highway. It could be a long tour for them.