This year has been really interesting as far as annual tours go. Summer Slaughter, Metal Alliance, Uproar and Mayhem Festival already had to face some obstacles this year and Vans Warped Tour is no different, with some people actively making bringing the drama via a Twitter war.

Once again, everyone’s favorite band Attila have decided to keep things interesting for the Vans Warped Tour and caused a ruckus in Denver that allegedly ended up involving cops looking for their frontman, Chris Fronzak. Right after their set, Fronz posted this Twitter message, claiming the cops were looking for him. Instead of finding out what was the issue and cooperating with the authorities, he apparently decided to hide from them:


Later, he explained his actions to his disappointed fans who couldn’t get their merch signed and elaborated more on the situation:

Yesterday’s show in Denver was amazing, wild, and energetic. While it is NEVER my intention for anybody to be injured in our crowd, sometimes the inevitable happens, especially when you guys are all turning the fuck up.

Unfortunately for me (the performer) if I tell the crowd to “go fucking nuts” or “crowdsurf” or “start a fucking moshpit” and people get injured, I am now legally liable for “inciting a riot”. In the midst of yesterday’s chaotic and amazing show, a few people unfortunately got injured.

At that point I was told that the police may be searching for me for “inciting a riot” so naturally- I dipped the fuck out. I don’t know about you but I don’t fuck with police or jail.

I know some of you are disappointed because you feel like I “ditched” my signings or whatever, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. I love my fans and meeting you guys is the highlight of my day, I’m just not trying to get arrested.

I just wanna play music, that’s all. I’d like to send my sincerest apologies out to anybody that may have gotten hurt during yesterday’s performance. My intention was to have 5,000 people crowdsurfing safely to the front. I love and care about all of you and I don’t want anyone to get hurt.

Love you guys,

I’m pretty sure Fronzak doesn’t really understand how the law works if he actually believes that by hiding from the cops who are looking for him, the issues will simply go away and everyone will go their merry way. There’s no official word if there are actual charges against him but if that’s the case, I’m sure more will be added for him deciding to dip the fuck out.