Faith No More will release a new album in 2015, their first since the 1997 release of Album of the Year and subsequent break up.

Bassist Bill Gould recently spoke with Rolling Stone:

“It’s really interesting for us because it was always a struggle back in the day when we were playing and making music — it felt like we were never really getting it over the net with people. To where, here it is 15 years later, people actually want to hear what we do and the stuff we did actually lasted. And, to me, that’s it — that means we succeeded [and] that’s totally great. And that’s the thing that makes us want to do it again.”

The new album has been in the works, “for probably a year and a half,” but nothing was mentioned because they were unsure of their status with their previous record label, Slash Records. According to Gould, they’ve been officially in the free and clear in only the past five or six months.

The band will be recording the album in their Oakland, CA rehearsal space, with Gould handling production duties. The new album will be on their own label, Reclamation Records, and distributed via Ipecac Recordings, the label co-founded by Faith No More vocalist Mike Patton and Greg Werckman. While the album won’t be out until next year, fans will get a chance to pick up a studio version of the song “Motherfucker,” which they played at Hyde Park in July. It will be out as a Record Store Day release on November 28th as a 7″, with a remix by JG Thirlwell as the b-side.