Mike Patton Claims Faith No More Has “No Plans Whatsoever” For Future

Posted by on November 12, 2012

This past summer, Mike Patton shot down hopes of a new Faith No More album any time soon. Now comes Patton reaffirming that the reunited group literally has nothing in the works at the moment (emphasis on nothing).

During an interview with I Heart Guitar Blog, Patton was asked if Faith No More have any plans to release live stuff from the reunion tours. Here’s what Patton had to say in response:

“Right now we have no plans whatsoever. Live, recording or anything. We’ve done what we set out to do with the reunion, and it’s all great, but it’s just ‘Let’s see what happens next.’ And I think you need to take a pause to actually reflect on something like that, because otherwise we could just keep playing, and we’re very conscious of overdoing it, y’know, milking material that’s so old. You can only do that for so long, and I feel that we’ve done pretty well. The whole band’s naturally came to this conclusion, so now we’re just sitting tight.”

On the plus side, Patton doesn’t rule anything out, and even says later on in the same interview that the reunion has helped the group “reconnect” with each other. On the downside, it seems unclear as to when we might even get to see Faith No More onstage again (let alone hear new material). Still, it’s commendable to see Faith No More declining to continue milking their reunion just for a big payday. Here’s hoping fans (specifically us in America, since Europe already had another chance) will at least get one more chance to see them live.

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