There’s something unsettling about watching the video of Tim Lambesis’ arraignment yesterday. Watching the As I Lay Dying frontman’s reaction as the prosecuting attorney calmly details how he wanted his wife dead and meeting with an undercover detective with cash. And while there’s apparently audio of Lambesis, we can only speculate how everything looked when it went down. Actually, now we have a visual component thanks to Taiwanese company Tomo News. Their video reenacments of news events are always insane, and occasionally hysterical. This isn’t laugh out loud funny, but it is really surreal. Think about it – if someone told you last week that you’d be watching an animated Tim Lambesis pumping iron at the gym and plotting to kill his wife, you’d have told them to shut up and keep mourning Jeff Hanneman’s death. Check it out after the jump:


[via Metal Sucks]