slayer2016tourThis past Saturday (26), one of the better tours of the first quarter, Slayer, Testament and Carcass, played its final show in Las Vegas. And it seems like the three bands had even more fun than the people that went to see them. I mean, we’re basically basing this off of two things – one, the fact that they got to play with puppies at a recent show, and the puppies were brought to them. And also, that at some point in the tour, members of Slayer and Testament jammed on a Lynyd Skynyrd classic – “Freebird.”

If there’s one thing that gets yelled at concerts more than “SLLLLLAYYYERRRRRR” at rock and metal shows, it’s probably “Freebird!” So watching this brief clip that Testament’s Gene Hoglan posted of members playing the song during a soundcheck is a realization of something or other. We’d love to see the whole thing, but for now if you want metal bands playing Skynyrd songs, we’ll leave you with Deftones jamming “Simple Man.” 


[via theprp]