Slayer cuddles with puppies, metal hearts melt everywhere

Posted by on March 21, 2016

Slayer-tom-araya-puppy-adorableEveryone loves Slayer, and everyone loves puppies. So what happens when you put them together? The greatest fucking thing this week. Before their show in Seattle this past Saturday, Slayer along with tourmates Carcass and Testament got a visit from Motley Zoo (yes, it’s a Motley Crue reference. The entire rescue is rock-themed). Cue the awwww’ing. Slayer might enjoy lots of blood and gore in their videos and on their album covers, but when you throw them and Testament together with some adorable animals that are up for adoption, it’s the first time that “cute” and “Slayer” have been uttered in the same sentence possibly ever. However, this isn’t the first time adorable animals have been around Slayer and lived to tell the tale – their crew members adopted and rescued a kitten a few years back.

Side note: the dog Kerry King is holding is also named Slayer.

All these pups are available for adoption at motleyzoo.org !

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