Sanctuary debating continuing without Warrel Dane

Posted by on April 11, 2018

When Warrel Dane passed away late last year, we assumed Sanctuary would pull from touring with Iced Earth on their Incorruptible Tour. The group ended up making their scheduled run as a farewell to the late singer and recruited Witherfall vocalist Joseph Michael as Dane’s replacement. We were lucky to catch their show in NY as we and many were under the assumption that this was also a farewell to the band.

Metal Wani recently spoke to Sanctuary songwriter/guitarist Lenny Rutledge about the possible future of the group. Rutledge revealed that they were originally planning on recording a new album with Warrel Dane last year as well as titling it Dead Again These plans were at an instant standstill from the moment Dane died. However, Rutledge revealed to Metal Wani that they are debating on finishing the album with Michael on vocals.

He explained:

“Joseph and I are talking about it. Joseph has some of the songs we were working on and we are going to see where we go from there. I hate to say this as I absolutely adored Warrel more than anyone will ever know. He’s been my music partner for a very long time. I never really thought about writing with someone else. But now in this situation, Joseph has breathed new life into the band.”

Watch the full interview below:

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