In sudden and tragic news, Warrel Dane, frontman of Nevermore and Sanctuary, passed away in his sleep this morning (December 13th). Guitarist Johnny Moraes spoke with Brazil’s UOL and said that he suffered from a heart attack at the apartment of the studio they were recording in.

“He died in the night. He had a heart attack. He was in the apartment where he stayed during the recording of the album when it happened. I gave him cardiac massage and we called the Mobile Emergency Care Service (SAMU), who came very fast, but when they arrived, he was already dead.”

Dane was in the studio working on a solo album which fans were waiting 10 years for. While Dane’s Wikipedia page says he was 48, it’s commonly known that he was in his late ’50s, which is still far too young to die. 

Rest in peace Dane. Another great talent lost.

[via metalinjection]