A few days ago, I was faced with an interesting challenge. A friend of mine asked me “What’s the big deal with Tool? Why all the hype?” Of course, it wasn’t that I couldn’t think of any reasons for why Tool is so beloved. Rather, I had trouble finding a way to explain it without ranting for hours like a loud and snobbish fanboy.

Well thanks to a fan who went to see Tool at their tour kick off in Reno, NV on January 14, explaining their greatness (at least live) is a little less hard. The video said fan took of the entire show gets a little shaky at points, but the zoom and audio quality is pretty solid. While it in no way replaces the experience of actually seeing them live, the video is a nice taste of what you can expect from Tool live.

You can watch Tool’s entire performance in Reno, NV (at least until it potentially gets taken down) above, while the set list from that show can be seen after the jump.

1. Hooker With A Penis

2. Jambi

3. Stinkfist

4. Ticks & Leeches

5. Pushit

6. Schism

7. Intension

8. Forty Six & 2

9. Lateralus

10. The Pot

11. Ænema

[footage via TOOL4269, set list via The PRP]