Moonspell share “The Hermit Saints” video

Posted by on February 25, 2021

photo by Rui Vasco



Tomorrow (26th), Moonspell’s new album, Hermitage will arrive via Napalm Records. Today (25th), the group has shared a video for the song “The Hermit Saints.” 


Frontman Fernando Ribeiro comments:

“’The Hermit Saints’ unveils even further secrets about our forthcoming album: Hermitage. Make no mistake: this is a METAL song played according to Moonspell’s own signature and rules. This song tells you about the holiness and unholiness of men, about the duality between saints and sinners. It tells of the fever that makes us cross into the desert of our own existences, perpetually looking out for the cure, that will never come until we change our ways. Many might go. Few will come back. Lock the gates, behold ‘The Hermit Saints!’”


We recently asked drummer Hugo Ribeiro about this track as he explained:

“This song is one of the heavier songs in Hermitage. It’s groovy with some great vocals by Fernando, Pedro and Ricardo. I think this song gets a bit more back to Moonspell’s older roots from an instrumental standpoint. Rhythmically, it’s a swing type feel that makes you bang your head, so that’s always a good sign. Though it’s a heavier song, it has a few softer moments which create great dynamics throughout the song. I think this will be a must have song in the live setlist. It’s the fourth single of the album, so it’s definitely a very strong song in Hermitage.”


Watch the clip below and pre-order the album here:


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