It’s been a while since a rock or metal band lent itself to an iconic pinball machine. Let’s see, there was KISS, Guns N’ Roses, Ted Nugent (we won’t talk about that one), and well, that’s about it. Metallica is set to change that, as a trailer has just been released for Metallica Pinball, which is coming later this year from Stern. Unlike Slayer Pinball Rocks HD, which was just an iPhone app, this is going to be an actual pinball game. It shows a bit of the game being designed, and it looks like it’s going to be pretty great. While there’s no gameplay revealed in the trailer, there are some shots that show there’s going to be a dude getting electrocuted, or riding the lightning, if you will. And it’s going to feature music from throughout the band’s career. In fact, the only question we have is when you tilt, will it be called “Lulu” or “St. Anger?”