Slayer Launch iPad/iPhone Pinball Game

Posted by on June 22, 2010

While it‘s In Flames that has a song called “Pinball Map,” leave it to Slayer to come out with their own pinball app. Slayer Pinball Rocks HD has launched for the iPhone and iPad via a reskinned version of developer Gameprom’s Pinball HD game with Slayer’s blessing. The $2.99 app is available now and features voiceovers from Tom Araya, music from World Painted Blood, and mini games, as well as LED versions of the disturbing mini-film Playing With Dolls.

We’re downloading this as we write this, so we’ll get back to you on whether it’s worth the money. But really, how can it not be? For the record, though, we’d much rather Slayer partner up with a physical pinball machine¬†manufacturer¬†and make a standalone game. I mean, why should KISS have all the fun?

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