Wes Scantlin no-shows in court again, has a warrant for arrest

Posted by on May 23, 2016

scantlinYou know what a defining difference between your 20s and your 40s are? When you’re in your 20s, you wear your epic tales of getting shitfaced and pulling an all-nighters like a badge of courage. If you’re still doing that all the time when you’re in your 40s, it’s suddenly not cool, funny or romantic any more. Someone might want to talk to Puddle of Mudd frontman Wes Scantlin about that – if they can find him. According to TMZ, the singer was a no-show in court this past Friday, as was his attorney. As a result, a warrant has been issued for his arrest. This dates back to an incident in December when he was caught driving with an expired registration (and a controlled substance). If that seems like a long time ago, it is in Wes years. Since then, he’s been arrested a handful of times, accused a man of stealing his house, and tried to break into a house he used to own.

In the beginning, we admit it was kind of funny to follow the antics of the formerly famous early-aughts alt band and their wayward vocalist. It’s not so funny any more. He’s become increasingly unhinged, however, and it’s clear that he needs help that no one seems to want to give him. Since his missed court appearance on Friday, no one appears to have tracked him down. That said, it can’t be that hard to find Puddle of Mudd, as they appear to be playing Waterloo, IA on Friday.

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