Puddle of Mudd singer arrested once again

Posted by on December 28, 2015

Puddle of Mudd singer Wes Scantlin can’t seem to stay out of trouble. If he’s not getting caught riding a luggage conveyor belt in Denver, he’s getting a DUI or forgetting to get on a plane, leading to a cancelled show. And that’s just stuff that’s happened this year. Unfortunately for him, the troubled singer’s legal problems aren’t ending, as TMZ reports that he was pulled over for an expired registration last week in Beverly Hills, when cops discovered there was a warrant out for his arrest. A search of his car found a controlled substance, and the “Blurry” singer was arrested on misdemeanor drug possession charges.

Much like fellow early 2000’s alt-rock hitmaker Scott Stapp, it seems like Scantlin needs some sort of intervention. You’d think that if he can’t sort it out, maybe his fellow bandmates might want to. There’s also a parallel to be drawn between Scantlin and Scott Weiland, but while the Stone Temple Pilots singer leaves behind a rich body of work, if Scantlin keeps things up, the only thing he’ll leave behind is a body.

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