Puddle of Mudd singer freaks out onstage

Posted by on April 18, 2014

Remember Puddle of Mudd? It’s ok if you don’t. The post-grunge band was signed to Fred Durst’s Flawless label and were pretty popular at the beginning of the last decade due to the songs “Control,” “Blurry,” and the “She Hates Me.” Since then, they’ve continued to put out albums, but singer Wes Scantlin’s been in the news more often than the rest of the band, and for all the wrong reasons. It’s happened again, as TMZ has obtained footage of Scantlin melting down onstage at a show in Dallas earlier this week.

On Wednesday (16), during Puddle of Mudd’s show at Trees in Dallas, TX, Scantlin threw a microphone into the crowd, cursed, gave the finger to pretty much everyone there, and threw water into the crowd. According to some reports, it appeared that he was lip-syncing, which may have angered the crowd enough to force the reaction, but that’s not confirmed. Apparently, a fan was injured and paramedics were called. This isn’t the first time he’s had an onstage meltdown. During a 2004 show in Toledo, he admitted to the crowd after four songs that he wasn’t able to perform because he was too drunk. He stayed onstage for another half hour, throwing stuff at the crowd and having it thrown back at him, which looks pretty similar to what happened on Wednesday. He’s also been arrested for domestic violence, public intoxication, sawing a neighbor’s patio and has been in trouble for failing to pay $45,000 in taxes. And that’s just in the past two years.

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