Machine Head’s Robb Flynn on Vegas massacre: “I don’t ever want to play ‘Davidian’ again”

Posted by on October 5, 2017

We’re about  four days removed from the horrific Las Vegas massacre carried out by a lone gunman, Stephen Paddock at a music festival. And as details come to light, it’s terrifying to know that the gunman scouted other festival locations, including the prior week’s Life Is Beautiful fest, as well as Lollapalooza. Knowing that he was in Chicago with two rooms booked in hotels overlooking a festival that holds 400,000 is downright terrifying. Given the Vegas body count and knowing that there were only 20,000 in attendance gives you an idea of the carnage he might have been able to cause.

While Machine Head have already weighed in on the shooting, as more information is made available, Robb Flynn weighed in via a livestream, suggesting that you may have heard one of the band’s signature songs, “Davidian,” for the last time, at least for a while:

“I am in favor of gun control. That motherfucker—everybody heard about the horrible Las Vegas, the horrible horrible… That dude had 23 assault rifles in his fucking hotel room—that is fucking insane to me. That is fucking insane to me, you know? It’s a fucking horrible, it’s a horrible thing that happened in Las Vegas. It’s fucking appalling. When I first heard the news yesterday morning, I couldn’t even put it together…”

“This morning, I thought I don’t ever want to fucking play ‘Davidian‘ again, that’s what I thought this morning. I straight up was like—I even texted it to the dudes, like ‘I don’t want to ever play ‘Davidian‘ again’, like fuck man. It’s fucking crazy. We probably will, we didn’t discuss it and that’s just how I feel right at the moment, but I fucking… It’s some scary shit, it’s fucking crazy out there right now. What the fuck is going on with people right now? It’s fucking crazy.”

As many fans know, “Davidian,” about the branch davidian cult and it’s takeover in Waco, TX, features the refrain “let freedom ring with a shotgun blast.” Machine Head’s next album will be out in January.

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