Lemmy’s estate worth much less than initially thought

Posted by on March 3, 2017

If you can judge a man by his legend, Motorhead’s Lemmy Kilmister was one of the richest men ever upon his death in December of 2015. The guy’s got a drink named after him, there’s statues, murals and fire pits bearing his likeness, and “Ace of Spades” is the National Anthem for fast living. However, a probate office has just settled his estate, and it’s worth significantly less than was first thought. The Mirror suggests that his estate was initially valued at £6.75 million (about $8.3 million USD). It’s hard to know how they came up with that figure, but it’s now been estimated by the London probed office that his estate was worth £528,806 ($648,000) at his time of death. Granted, that’s not nothing, but a lot less than someone that’s given his life to music should have had.

Until his death, just after he turned 70, Kilmister lived in a rented apartment in Los Angeles, and if he wasn’t on tour, he could usually be found across the street at the Rainbow, sipping on a Jack and Coke and playing video poker. It’s not like he led a particularly lavish lifestyle. The Mirror, which should be noted is kind of a tabloid, says that Lemmy’s estate has “gone missing.” More likely, he probably wasn’t super rich, but if indeed his fortune has vanished, then things could get interesting.

His main beneficiary is thought to be his son, Paul Inder.

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