A Lemmy firepit is the most metal of all firepits

Posted by on March 2, 2017

The December 2015 passing of Motorhead’s Lemmy still resonates with us. It feels like losing a family member, and from music videos to video games, Mr. Kilmister still looms large over the music industry. However, a Netherlands artist might have created the ultimate tribute to him in the form of a Motorhead fire pit. Dangerous Minds has found a company called Kustom Fire Pits that, well, builds custom fire pits. And the fact that he makes a Lemmy one is well, fantastic.

Created by an artist, Sjaak, the pit took 120 hours to make, and weighs 88 pounds. While he doesn’t say how much it costs to make one, he’s taking offers for the one  below. Keep in mind shipping costs would be ridiculous and given the time he’s put into it, we can’t imagine they’ll come cheap. That being said, you can’t put a price on awesomeness, and your next BBQ when you fire up the Lemmy would be one for the ages. 

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