Just moments after Motorhead frontman Lemmy lost his battle with cancer last year, a crowdfunding campaign was launched to get a statue of the iconic rocker made. Of course, it’s final resting place would be a place where Mr. Kilmister spent much of his waking time when not onstage – the Rainbow Bar and Grill. It didn’t take long for contributors to cover the $22,771 the organizer was seeking to have it made, and sculptor Travis Moore began work on the bronze statue. Last night, the statue was unveiled, standing right by the corner where Lemmy would sit and play video poker.

Moore, the statue’s designer, said he did all the work for free, basing it on a photograph that rock photographer Robert John had taken. According to the L.A. Weekly, Moore spent time on details as minuscule as the stitching of his jacket, hat and boots. The statue required about 20 people working on it and took five months to build. So after an eight-month hiatus, if you’re in Los Angeles, you can stop by the Rainbow and have a Jack and Coke with Lemmy. Also in the Weekly article, Motorhead manager Todd Singerman says that he wants to keep the tributes coming, with a “Lemmy Lounge” that will temporarily stay at the Rainbow, and potentially become part of a “Motorhead Bar & Grille,” a separate thing he’s working on. Also part of his plans are a Motorhead museum and a Lemmy tribute concert.