Jack Daniel’s released a limited Motörhead single barrel whiskey

Posted by on January 14, 2016

There will be a time when we will talk about the impact of Lemmy Kilmister’s death and we can talk about all the things that happened to honor the legendary frontman, like why there’s a drink called “The Lemmy” or possibly an element called “Lemmium.” But even before his passing, there were alcohol products related to Motörhead like the Mackmyra whisky in Sweden or the official Limited Motörhead Jack Daniel’s Selected Single Barrel Whiskey.

Jack Daniel’s released  a batch of their Selected Single Barrel Whisky and dedicated to the band in commemoration of their 40 years of career and was sold for $99 with a limited run of 288 bottles only available through Atlantic City Bottle Company:

Motörhead’s hand selected batch of Jack Daniels® Single Barrel Select whiskey celebrates 40 years of the loudest rock band on this planet.

Once a privileged reserve only for the Jack Daniel’s Master Distiller – exploring the nuances of whiskey from a single barrel. Today, connoisseurs around the world can savor this experience on their own.

We have selected one that is dark, oaky, but still some corn and sweetness with that signature Jack smooth charcoal smoky finish

Raise a glass and celebrate with Motörhead and their ol’ friend Jack.

We spoke to an employee there, and he says that while the bottles had been around for months to commemorate the band’s 40th anniversary and they’d had plenty in stock, but sold out yesterday after the news got around the internet. The employee said that by the time they opened yesterday, 100 bottles had already been ordered. Thankfully, Atlantic City is expecting to get a second batch within the next 8 weeks. With Motörhead done, and the “Lemmy” a thing now, you can expect those to also sell out as soon as it’s released, so we suggest you follow their Facebook page and wait for their announcement.

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