We at Metal Insider would like to believe there is a little of a metal head in everyone and have seen some celebrities casually displaying their appeal for the devil’s music, but we can do the opposite too and see what metal heads have a taste for the antithesis of metal, like country.

Let’s start with ex-Morbid Angel frontman, David Vincent, who was not aware he was out of the band until he finally agreed to be so, has been off our radar for some time. This is the point when many metal musicians decide to move on and start a new band and promise to be something more brutal and heavy than their previous one, but as we’re talking about David Vincent, he decided go against the usual and is now part of a country band.

Check out the video below, where Vincent is charmingly singing with a country band in Austin, TX on January 9th at the White Horse Saloon performing an original piece he wrote titled “Buyer Beware.” While you may miss seeing Vincent on stage putting his fist on his waist while asking “Do you want more death metal?” you have to admit that Vincent also has a knack for country music.

That explains why he always wore his cowboy hat and those country boots all the time. We’re glad you found your way, Vincent.

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