Bruce Corbitt (Warbeast, Rigor Mortis) expresses hope after joining clinical trial

Posted by on February 13, 2018

Last year, another  excellent singer was forced to retire after being diagnosed with an illness. That singer, Warbeast and Rigor Mortis’ Bruce Corbitt, revealed he had esophageal cancer. In a heartbreaking post, he said he was told he’d never sing again, and that he was done. There was a final show that included a handful of other singers, and that was that, right? Hopefully not. While he was told in January that he had two months to two years to live, Corbitt announced that he’s hopefully been given a new lease on life. In a pair of posts, Corbitt explains what’s going on. One post lists a Dallas Cancer Center with the caption: 

“Got my 2nd opinion… they found me a clinical trial that is perfect for my situation. So I’ve just signed it to go for it. It will be immunotherapy for starters. So there is hope for me after all.”

In the other, he goes into details a bit more about the diagnosis and the program:

Here’s hoping everything works out for him. Dio knows we could use some positive news these days.

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