Warbeast vocalist Bruce Corbitt is forced to retire from singing due to cancer of the esophagus

Posted by on May 24, 2017

Texan thrashers Warbeast have been through one hell of a journey since they formed over a decade ago under their former name Texas Metal Alliance. After a handful of lineup changes over the years, the band resurfaced and revealed they are working on a follow-up to 2013’s Destroy. The group are already scheduled for Saturday’s (27) Fort Worth Metal Fest with bands Cattle Decapitation, Goatwhore, Exmortus, and more, as well as a gig set for in July for their Enter the Arena free event to celebrate their new album. With all of the exciting news that’s been shaping quite well for the group, it has come to an unfortunate turn for the worse.

Vocalist Bruce Corbitt shared on his personal Facebook that he has been diagnosed with stage three cancer of the esophagus, hoping it will go down to stage two. He emotionally described this in a live video while wearing a hospital gown, informing all that the doctors told him there’s no chance in any reasonable time for him to be able to perform again. Therefore, Corbitt has no choice but to retire.

After the video, he reiterated that in in a written statement sharing:

For those that couldn’t watch video. I’ll make this short for now and give more details later.

I was just told an ago I more than likely have stage 3 Esophagus cancer. Still a chance for stage 2. I get into more details on what that means and our plan of attack soon.

But after much discussion with the doctors and specialist. ..they’ve told me there’s no chance within in any reasonable time that I’ll ever be able to perform again.

So it breaks my heart at this time that I’m forced to announce my retirement from singing. I’m sorry to all of my band mates for letting them down. I’m devastated with all of this hitting me so fast. I’m still in shock.

Thanks for all of the great support all these years. You’re the best fans and I love all of you! We at least have a great Warbeast album and music video coming soon.”

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