Motörhead returning to the road on Tuesday

Posted by on September 7, 2015

motorhead 2015 306After Motörhead cut two shows short and canceled another two entirely in the past week, many were wondering if the band was cut out for the remainder of their tour given Lemmy’s health issues. The band didn’t publicly address what would happen with the tour until earlier today, and it turns out they think he’s well enough to continue onward starting tomorrow. Here’s the announcement via the band’s Facebook page:


The wait is over and the Doc has spoken. Lemmy had a lung infection (exacerbated by that Denver altitude) which has now been taken care of. Subsequently, Lemmy’s ready to give it a go in St. Louis at The Pageant theater on Tuesday, Sept 8th where Motörhead will continue the 40th Anniversary tour in support of their new album “Bad Magic”.

Amidst all the wonderful support Lemmy has received, many have rightfully said he owes us nothing as he has given us everything. We, however, owe Lemmy something…our total respect for his fierce, single-minded and beautifully stubborn determination to continue burning asphalt, playing rock’n’roll and live where he has always been most comfortable – on the road!

Thanks again for all your support and see you soon!

Here’s hoping that the iconic frontman is better, and he and his management team recognizes if he isn’t. Given that the wording described it as “ready to give it a go” instead of “is completely ready,” the post might be a little optimistic. Hopefully fans will be as patient and understanding as those in Austin if he’s not completely back to full health.

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