Do you follow bands on social media? Of course you do – we do too. And two of the bigger heavy bands of the last 15 years are doing things. Or at least teasing that they might be doing things. Lamb of God and System of a Down offered a few updates via social media that totally confirmed, well, not much.

Yesterday, Lamb of God issued a tweet saying “something is happening,” and directing people to the band’s web site. It leads to a link for the band’s Soundwave Festival dates in Australia next year, which were announced back in August. They’ve also updated their Facebook with a logo that features the same graphic as their website, which has smoke or fog in the background. So what’s happening? Nothing yet, but apparently something.

System of a Down do have something new happening. Last week, it was announced that they’ll be playing the KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas show. Now they’ve announced a pair of other shows, none in the United States. They’ll be playing Moscow on April 20th, 2015 at Olympisky and headlining Rock in Rio on September 24th of next year. Meanwhile, drummer John Dolmayan tweeted out “Yes, it’s true” yesterday. What’s true? Was he referring to the Rock in Rio show, being vague, or adding fuel to the completely false rumor we just started right now that the band will be heading into the studio to record another album? Guess we’ll have to wait to find out.