It seems like you never know what you’re going to get with Five Finger Death Punch. Will singer Ivan Moody finish the show? Maybe. What label is the band’s next album coming out on? Well, probably Prospect Park but that’s up to the court. Is Ivan Moody even staying in the band? Well, for a brief moment in time, the answer was “no,” as he gave an interview to a radio station, since taken down, where he said he’be leaving at the end of the year to focus on his solo project. Late the following evening, Moody changed his mind and clarified he was not leaving the band.

Guitarist Chris Kael was likely as surprised as anyone last week, but with the issue resolved, he’s at least having fun with the rumor. Reacting to a badly-garbled Brazilian concert advertisement that says the band’s name is “Five Fingers That Punch,” the guitarist says that Moody’s side project is actually the new band, and the rest of the band is in it too! If you can’t laugh, then what can you do? 


[via Rock Feed]