This past Friday (25), Five Finger Death Punch’s headlining set in Worcester ended after just seven songs, several songs after singer Ivan Moody said that his mother was “passing along today.” The show started off normally, with “Lift Me Up,” but bassist Chris Kael handled lead vocals on “Never Enough” before Moody made his announcement. Kael also sang lead on “Got Your Six,” according to, but after three more songs and a drum solo, they called the show.

While condolences would be in order for Moody had he lost his mother, that seems not to be the case. First off, Rock Feed reported that his sister Sandi said that his mother was doing fine. Then Blabbermouth reported that it was apparently another member of his extended family, and that they were ok. Using your mother as an excuse to cancel a show when she’s ok is a pretty abnormal thing to do, and the following night in Newark, Moody not only showed up and played a full set, but spoke about the previous night’s incident. Here’s what Rock Feed reports the vocalist said:

“I was asked not to say anything about my past. I’ve never done what anybody told me to. Last night I had a mental moment. It had nothing to do with alcohol, drugs, or any of it. True. Just melted down.

The last thing I wanna do was embarrass my band, or my family, or any of you. I always make fun of Kanye West… just let me finish… I found out today he’s still in the mental institution. Don’t be rude, straight up. I never got it before. I’m starting to get it now. If it wasn’t for you beautiful motherfuckers, I don’t think I’d be on this stage.”

It’s interesting that Moody is defending Kanye, because as he admitted, he’s made fun of him before, going on a rant about the rapper last year at the Rock Allegiance festival in Chester, PA. According to reports from Worcester, some members of the audience thought Moody was intoxicated. If he indeed did have a mental breakdown and it wasn’t drug or alcohol-related, it’s good that he was so honest with his audience, and even better that he was in a good enough place to show up and do the whole show last night in Newark. Here’s hoping he gets the help he needs.