Like them or not, Five Finger Death Punch is one of the most successful, if not the most successful, metal bands of the past decade. Thier first four albums have all gone gold or platinum, and their last two aren’t far behind. They’ve mastered the art of being a heavy band that’s embraced by active rock radio. However, the past few years have been turbulent for the band, with singer Ivan Moody appearing drunk at some shows, ending a few early, then dropping off tour to go to rehab. Now, according to an interview he gave on KBPI earlier today, he’s leaving the band at the end of the year.

Moody says that he’s got a new project, Villain, that he’ll start in 2018:

“To be completely honest with you, Death Punch and I have kind of come to a crossroads. We’re very proud of what we’ve done – years and years and years of work…,” he said. “It’s time for us to take our way and go do something else, so after this year… my new band, Villain… I’m so excited.”

There’s been no confirmation from the band via their social media yet, and this might even be taking the band by surprise. Revealing his impending exit from the band, even as they’re embroiled in a lawsuit with their label, seems like something that wouldn’t have been done without careful consideration on the rest of the band’s part, likely via a press release announcing their new singer. They’d also signed to Rise Records last year, and there’s no word on how this would effect that..

The remaining members of FFDP were able to carry on with All That Remains Phil Labonte, Sixx A.M.’s James Michael and As Lions’ Austin Dickinson on the tour last year, so finding a replacement for Moody probably wouldn’t be a problem band-wise, but is Moody associated with FFDP so much that they’d suffer without him? And is this even a thing that’s happening, or just the singer speaking without having consulted with the rest of the band. It remains to be seen.

[via Rock Feed]