Album Review: TesseracT – ‘War of Being’

Posted by on September 15, 2023


The UK progressive metal unit TesseracT has returned with their fifth studio album, War of Being. It’s also been five years since the release of Sonder, which generated hits such as “Luminary,” “King,” and “Smile.” After their longest gap between albums, they finally returned with nine tracks of creativity woven within a story of two protagonists experiencing the trenches of their own world. The album also coincides with a playable video game and an epic music video for its title track. Everything from the music, artwork, and production is top-notch, which is something I’ve come to expect from TesseracT at this point in their career. War of Being held true and did not disappoint.

The five members are meticulous with what they bring forth in their music, and each subsequent album reflects what was previously engraved in their sound. Take a look at Sonder and then at their phenomenal livestream, P O R T A L S; the effort and dedication are at the forefront. The commitment and craftsmanship they have for building and structuring songs with an immense encompassing sound is on full display with tracks like “The Gray,” “War of Being,” and “Sacrifice.” These are the songs that can truly grab and pull you in with their swirling wall of sound. This all-around sound is made possible by the beautiful mix, which the band is known to handle themselves. Nothing feels crowded, and it provides the perfect amount of breathing room for each instrument. Adding vocalist Daniel Tompkins to the mix is the cherry on top. His wide vocal range sets the course of the song and can single-handedly intensify or put the song to ease. The layering of his high and low vocals adds that signature TesseracT atmosphere fans crave.

There is an evolved sound from the quintet that draws from the modern-day progressive metal scene. There are notes of Periphery or Animals as Leaders in certain song structures, and there’s a hint of Devin Townsend within their production. Despite these comparisons, TesseracT still holds true to their own unique and polished sound.

Overall, TesseracT has delivered another solid record that is both intense and elaborate yet easy to listen to. They avoided diluting their sound with unnecessary complexities and difficult exchanges, only writing what was needed for each song. The emotional and dynamic interplay between the music and lyrics makes the album feel whole and complete. TesseracT have taken their fans on a sixty-minute journey with War of Being they won’t regret.

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