Another Revolver Golden Gods Award Show has come and gone. The night brought us a fair amount of awesome, weird, and “wtf?!” moments that may have us scratching our heads for a while now. We previously went over the winners of each award. But we wanted to take a moment to relive some of the highlights of last night’s award ceremony, which included one particularly metal collaboration, a handful of awkward moments (both with presenters and host Chris Jericho), and Johnny Depp… yup, you read correctly.

As of now, this year’s award show is being re-shown on Xbox live. However, a handful of clips have made their way around the web. So without further ado, take a look at some of the more memorable moments from the 2012 Revolver Golden Gods after the jump.


-Marilyn Manson Gets Introduced By 1/3 Of The West Memphis Three, Grinds With Taylor Momsen, And Jams With Johnny Depp (All Within 20 Minutes)


Manson’s Golden Gods set was a gathering of random celebrities itself. First, Damien Echols of the West Memphis Three was on hand to introduce Manson. Then the singer was joined by The Pretty Reckless’ Taylor Momsen for some dry humping a duet of “The Dope Show.” As if that wasn’t enough, Manson performed “Sweet Dreams” and “The Beautiful People” with none other than actor Johnny Depp. Granted, Manson and Captain Jack Sparrow have been long time friends, and even recently recorded a cover of “You’re So Vain” (which will reportedly be featured as a bonus track on Manson’s new album Born Villain). Still, who would have thought that you’d see Johnny fucking Depp at the Revolver Golden Gods Awards?! The only thing that ruined the set was…well, maybe Manson himself.


-Trivium Perform Metallica’s “Creeping Death” With Slipknot’s Corey Taylor And Machine Head’s Robb Flynn


As you probably know by now, the evening had its fair share of “disappointments” and at points felt more like a hard rock awards show then metal. However, Trivium’s rendition of “Creeping Death” with Corey Taylor and Robb Flynn was by far the most metal moment (if not the highlight) of the night. The idea of seeing members of Slipknot, Machine Head and Trivium performing together is incredible by itself, let alone the fact that they performed a Metallica cover. And to top it off, it sounded pretty damn good.


-X Japan Wins Best International Band

The evening was filled with many upsets (no offense, Black Veil Brides, but Best Guitarists? Really?). However, the biggest shock arguably came with X Japan winning the Best International Band award. No disrespect, but we were surprised that the Japanese group was even nominated. We all had our money on Rammstein taking the award back home to Germany, with Meshuggah or Behemoth being potential “upsets.” Hell, we even thought that Lacuna Coil and Sepultura had a better chance at winning than X Japan. Guess this just goes to show that X Japan still has a large following (even in the States). The best, though, was drummer Yoshiki’s acceptance speech, during which he gave a brief history overview about the band (and hearing how quiet the stunned crowd was, that was probably the right move on his part).


-Chris Jericho Proves That He’s  A Douche

He may not have bombed the Oscars like Billy Crystal, but the WWE wrestler didn’t fare much better during his third time hosting the Golden Gods. Sure, we had a chuckle when Zakk Wylde came out to call Jericho a douche during his opening rant about how great he was. Then we went “eh” when he tried to do the same exact bit an hour later with Aerosmith’s Joe Perry. And then we said aloud “Oy vey” when he tried to include a WWE storyline with CM Punk during the Most Metal Athlete award. But when Jericho tried to connect his “struggles of being a metal head” to the West Memphis Three, we cried “Seriously?” Sorry Jericho, but maybe Wylde wasn’t joking about you being a douche.


-Amy Lee and Shaun Morgan’s “Sober” Incident


To the average viewer, Evanescence performing “Call Me When You’re Sober” during their Golden Gods set didn’t seem odd. But to the fans Evanescence and Seether (who were in attendance), the song choice was rather interesting, since Amy Lee penned the song about her ex-boyfriend/ Seether frontman Shaun Morgan’s alcoholism. Making things a little more awkward was when Morgan (who was admittedly a little tipsy) introduced the Most Dedicated Fans award and noted that nominees Evanescence were “his favorite.” Granted, both could’ve made a bigger scene during the award show, but this was nonetheless an awkward moment.


-The Never Ending Black Carpet Pre-Show


We get it, the black carpet pre-show serves as a way to get the press involved while also hyping up the live broadcast itself. However, did it really need to be almost two hours long? Not helping matters was the fact that though it was 6pm on the West Coast, the pre-show didn’t start until 9pm for East coast viewers. Next year, can we either make the pre-show shorter or at least start it off a little earlier? Please? Even the sampler video above feels too long.


-Why Does Myles Kennedy’s Voice Sound Familiar?


Video of Slash’s set at the Golden Gods hasn’t popped up online yet. But check out their performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! (where they also performed “You’re A Lie,” the first single off of Slash’s new album Apocalyptic Love). Is it just us or does Myles Kennedy’s voice sound an awful lot like Axl Rose? And we’re not talking Appetite For Destruction-era Rose, but (and we don’t mean to make this sound mean) Chinese Democracy-era. Are we crazy?


-Korn’s The Path Of Totality Is Album Of The Year, Eh?

Many people were probably a little surprised to see the Album Of The Year award go to Korn’s (who were supposed to perform last night but pulled out at the last minute due to illness) The Path Of Totality. Sadly, we weren’t since Revolver Magazine had already named it the “Album of 2011.” Interestingly, this marks the second year in a row that the magazine’s top album of a given year also won the Golden God (last year’s winner being Avenged Sevenfold’s Nightmare).