Wait, Now There’s TWO Black Flag Reunions?

Posted by on January 26, 2013

Yesterday, it was revealed that singer Ron Reyes, founding guitarist Greg Ginn, and drummer Robo would be performing as Black Flag at this year’s Hevy Fest in the UK. The fact that any incarnation of the legendary punk/hardcore group was reuniting came as a surprise to many. That’s why it’s even a bigger shock that yet ANOTHER Black Flag reunion featuring different members was announced not long after.

Former members Keith Morris, Chuck Dukowski (who contrary to previous reports is NOT taking part in the Hevy Fest reunion), and Bill Stevenson are joining forces with Descendents guitarist Stephen Egerton to form FLAG. The group plans to perform songs from all eras of Black Flag’s history while touring the U.S. and Europe throughout the year. The four previously performed Black Flag’s Nervous Breakdown EP together at a 30th anniversary show for concert promoter Goldenvoi in December 2011. It was the strong reaction from said performance that supposedly inspired them to form FLAG. However, we can’t help but find the timing of FLAG’s announcement funny, since as we mentioned it came not long after Ginn’s Black Flag reunion made its announcement.

So within one day, we went from having nothing to essentially TWO Black Flag reunions. While FLAG does have the advantage of having original singer Keith Morris onboard, Greg Ginn was the primary songwriter and the only member to perform on every Black Flag release. We can only imagine what Henry Rollins might have to say about all of this. So far, FLAG has only one U.S. date and three European festival appearances confirmed (while the other Black Flag still only has the Hevy Fest locked in).

While more is expected to be announced soon, check out FLAG’s confirmed dates thus far (as well as video of the four performing in 2011 together) after the jump.

4/26 – Monster Bash Festival – Munich, Germany

4/27 – Monster Bash Festival – Berlin, German

4/28 – Groezrock Festival – Meerhout, Belgium

5/24-5/27 – Punk Rock Bowling – Las Vegas, NV


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