Black Flag can be considered one of the most influential bands in punk and hardcore, with countless metal and hardcore bands citing them as an early influence. And now, for the first time in years, Black Flag will perform a show.

Black Flag has been confirmed to perform at this year’s Hevy Fest, set to take place August 2-4 in Port Lympne Wild Animal Park in the UK. But considering that Black Flag has had multiple lineup changes since its demise in 1986 (with both Keith Morris and Henry Rollins fronting the band at different times), it’s fair to ask: who is actually taking part in this “reunion”? To put it simply, it’ll be the 1979 lineup of Black Flag. This will include singer Ron Reyes, founding guitarist Greg Ginn, drummer Robo and bassist Chuck Dukowski.

Granted, various members have shared the stage to perform the band’s songs over the years. However, this will mark the first time “Black Flag” have performed since 2003 (which then Dez Cadena on vocals, C’el Revuelta on bass and skateboarder Mike Vallely singing songs off of My War). So far, Hevy Fest is the only confirmed appearance for Black Flag. But it wouldn’t surprise us if more pop up (or at least include shows featuring Ginn and Vallely’s new project).

It’s actually a little disappointing to see the band reform. It goes against the punk credo of not selling out, and it’s hard to imagine a quartet of men in their 50s coming anywhere close to the intensity that they had 34 years ago. At this point, the band might be best left to their discography and their iconic logo, but if there are people willing to pay them and others willing to go see them, then who’s to say it doesn’t make sense.

UPDATE: Not only is Chuck Dukowski not taking part in this particular reunion, but it turns out he’s actually reuniting with former Black Flag singer Keith Morris and drummer Bill Stevenson to form their own group.