By now you know that there are TWO Black Flag reunions taking place this year. One features guitarist/founding member Greg Ginn and singer Ron Reyes, while the other (simply going under the moniker FLAG) features Keith Morris, Chuck Dukowski, Bill Stevenson and Descendents guitarist Stephen Egerton. However, now one reunion is getting the addition of Dez Cadena.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Morris and Dukowski revealed that Cadena (who in addition to playing rhythm guitar briefly sang in Black Flag before Henry Rollins joined in 1980) has joined FLAG. Dukowski said the following about FLAG’s new addition:

“We’d been talking about bringing Dez [Cadena] in too, so we brought Dez in. I’m so looking forward to it – it’s going to be great. Especially when I think of stuff like, there’s a video of the five-piece band at Mabuhay Gardens, and it’s just so powerful. And I’m looking forward to doing ‘My War’ with the two guitars, which it was always intended to have. Some of these later tunes were designed to have an interplay between the two parts. And then we’ll bring some of Dez’s later stuff, too, that never really came out. Maybe we can do ‘Ain’t No Time Here Now’ – I know he recorded that with DC3.”

Most recently, Cadena has been playing guitar and handling co-vocal duties in another legendary punk group, The Misfits. But can we expect FLAG to record any new material, like Ginn’s version plans on doing? The answer is no, with Dukowski saying the following:

“That’s not what we’re trying to do. We’re really paying tribute to our past. We’re going to get out and rock the hell out of that stuff, and try to do it with the full intensity and emotional commitment that we always did, and was always so joyful for us to do it when we did it at the Civic.”

You can read Morris and Dukowski’s entire interview with Rolling Stone, where they also discuss their thoughts on Ginn’s version of Black Flag, the project’s formation, and how they think Henry Rollins is responding to all of this, online.