Update: Chris Cornell used exercise equipment to hang himself

Posted by on May 19, 2017

While we are still mourning the loss of Chris Cornell who passed away late Wednesday night/early Thursday (18) just after he performed at Detroit’s Fox Theater, more news is developing about his reported suicide. We are currently waiting to find out the results of the toxicology tests to see if Cornell was, in fact, under the influence of prescription drugs. Cornell’s wife, Vicky already expressed that he showed no signs of feeling suicidal when he spoke with her before the final concert and flew home prior to spend time with his family. The pieces still do not add up to us, and we aren’t sure if they ever will.

In a new update from TMZ, the 52-year-old icon used a piece of exercise equipment to hang himself. He took a red elastic exercise band attached it to a carabiner to the top of his bathroom hotel door. He jammed the door shut with the carabiner at the top of the frame. The Detroit News obtained the police report that gives some additional details about the sad end to Cornell’s life. Cornell’s wife had spoken to him after the show, with him repeating “I am just tired” before hanging up the phone. After she asked his bodyguard, Martin Kirsten, to check on him, he kicked open the door to the room and then the latched door to the bedroom suite, finding Cornell on the floor in the bathroom “with blood running from his mouth and a red exercise band around (his) neck.” Kirsten first entered the room at around 12:15 or so, and a medic didn’t arrive until almost 1am, when they unsuccessfully attempted to perform CPR on Cornell. He was pronounced dead at 1:30.

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