Static-X clears up rumors about Tripp Eisen’s involvement in new album

Posted by on June 14, 2019

Static-X took to Instagram to clear up some rumors that former guitarist Tripp Eisen was involved in the recording of the band’s upcoming album Project Regeneration.

Recently, Eisen, who had been a member of the band from 2001 until 2005 (when he was sent to jail for having sex with underage girls) gave an interview to Totally Driven Radio in which he said that some of the music he wrote with late Static-X frontman Wayne Static was being used on the new album and hinted at his involvement in writing a new song.

Eisen said in the interview:

“I was in the mix working on the stuff, so it definitely has my input in it. It goes back, so it’s very emotional and it’s very personal, because it’s stuff that me and Wayne wrote together. Like the first three songs that you hear that were exposed to the world — ‘Road To Hell‘, ‘Something Of My Own‘ and ‘Hollow‘ — those are all three songs I co-wrote with Wayne. Actually, ‘Road To Hell‘ is a brand new song, so I was involved enough to work on some new music too with these guys. I’m proud to hear it, and it’s exciting that this stuff is coming out.”

Given Eisen’s past, which was the reason for his ousting from the band in the first place, fans of Static-X were notably upset over the statement.

Apparently, so was the band. When a fan asked the band on Instagram about Eisen’s involvement, the band’s response vehemently rebuked the thought.

“Listen! Let me make this very clear,” the statement begins:

“Wayne, Tony, Ken and Koichi are the ORIGINAL line up of the band and we are celebrating our 20th anniversary & memorializing our friend Wayne!!! The 3 of us and Wayne are the TOTAL focus of this album and this tour.” The statement continues “That guy was in static x for a couple years prior to HIS OWN personal troubles. His issues have NOTHING TO DO WITH US!!! … He was a co-writer on songs with Wayne & the band in the past. Some of those old songs ended up being tracks that Tony and the producers recovered some of Wayne’s unreleased, isolated vocals on.”

The band’s statement, which never mentions Eisen by name, goes on to call the claims in the interview an attempt at self-promotion using their name.

“Clearly, the guy you mentioned is promoting his new band by mentioning his PAST involvement with Static-X and he is attempting to gain credibility through his PAST association.”

Static-X then doubles down on who IS working on the album, repeatedly mentioning that it’s just Tony Campos, Ken Jay, Koichi Fukuda and touring vocalist “Xer0” in the studio.

“Aside from Wayne’s vocals and a couple guest vocalists, NOBODY ELSE is involved in the recording and production of his album. Tony, Ken, Koichi and touring vocalist “Xer0” are the only people that have been in the studio recording and working with the bands original producer Ulrich Wild on this incredibly special new album. End of story..”

No release date has been announced for Project Regeneration just yet. Static-X will be embarking on the first leg of the Wisconsin Death Trip 20th Anniversary tour starting June 18 in Tempe, AZ. DevilDriver, Dope, Wednesday 13 and Raven Black will be opening on the first round of dates. Check out the second leg of dates here.

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