Static-X’s new album will only feature one guest vocalist

Posted by on June 12, 2019

Static-X recently announced the delay of their new album Project Regeneration and now added that the record will only feature one guest vocalist. Originally, the band mentioned inviting several vocalists to appear on the album including  Disturbed‘s David Draiman, Fear Factory‘s Burton C. Bell and Five Finger Death Punch‘s Ivan Moody.

Bassist Tony Campus sat down with Sticks For Stones and shared that only Ministry frontman Al Jourgensen will be guesting on the record. He also shared the timeline of the project.

“It started with five demos that Wayne had done shortly before his passing that he had given to a producer friend of ours, who then gave them to me after Wayne had died. Only one of the songs had Wayne‘s vocals on them, and the rest were just rough demos. We started out with that, and then original and longtime producer, Ulrich Wild, turned me on to three songs that didn’t make the ‘Start A War‘.

So we kept Wayne‘s vocal performances, reworked the music, and so we had four songs with Wayne‘s vocals on them. And while looking for all our live backing tracks, we discovered an additional seven [or] eight songs that Wayne had demoed. And a lot of that stuff were just vocal performances; the tapes where he had recorded the music were never found. So we wrote new music for all that stuff. So now the majority of the songs on this record will feature Wayne‘s vocals.”

“That was the initial idea. But since finding all this stuff with Wayne‘s vocals, the need to have guest vocalists come in really diminished. So as of right now, we only have one guest vocal performance on the record, that being Al Jourgensen.”

Check out the entire conversation below!

Make sure to catch Static-X with DevilDriver, Dope, Wednesday 13 and Raven Black. Dates for leg one are here and leg two here.


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